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Oct 022012

Video about unblockes:

Be sure to check your "spam" folder if you have not received an e-mail within several hours, although the process may take longer on rare occasions. Direct appeals containing threats, libel, and abusive language to Tool Admins for UTRS ban Determine whether this appeal contains all needed information.


If the block is an autoblock, the reviewing administrator may need to send an email to the appellant to ask for their IP address. If you forget a password or email address, then we cannot recover it.



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  1. Reviewing an appeal Administrators reviewing an appeal should take the time to consider all elements of the appeal.

  2. Blocking policy Unblocking If the unblock has been repeatedly declined and resubmitted, consider directing the ticket to Tool Admins for temporary UTRS ban Further information UTRS interface for registered administrators Tool administrators can be contacted at:

  3. If you have had talk page access removed or find the template to be complicated, you can use the link below to request an unblock via the Unblock Ticket Request System UTRS. Please understand that we are not able to recover or delete accounts.

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