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Oct 022012

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These restaurants had the meats ready and prepared with as much ease and efficiency at any Chinese food stall. Little surprise that June to October were extremely exhausting, but all of it by choice. This did not disturb us one bit.


The Mass back at the Centre was in Konkanni and the congregation not more than 40 persons. Mangalore, in my opinion was the biggest city along this route so far in Karnataka.



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  1. However, when we stopped for breakfast at a restaurant, we finally found our long searched for iddiappams at Shalimar restaurant and were ecstatic.

  2. Our recommendation would be to skip this place and drive further on to the next town as you would most certainly have more options there.

  3. The splendid structure has two churches, the original at the back and the newer construction in the front. All other facilities at the island- snorkelling…… came at a premium cost.

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