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Oct 022012

Video about ted talk first impressions:

Jun 25, More from Inc. But clarity is also key. Your products, advertisements, and website all have to make a memorable impression on customers as well.

Ted talk first impressions

The novel, about a Japanese man who is abandoned by his four closest friends after his freshman year of college, depicts a hand on its cover, with four different colored fingers--red, blue, white, and black--and one finger that has the pattern of a subway map imprinted on it. Mysterious or ambiguous images are good for drawing viewers in for a few seconds. He showed the TED audience an advertisement for Airbnb that had been defaced.

Ted talk first impressions

Ted talk first impressions

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  1. The book's title makes it clear that color plays into the novel--but why the depiction of the hand?

  2. But after looking at old telephone booths and buildings coated with spray-paint, Kidd realized what the problem with most graffiti is: When tasked with designing the cover for David Rakoff's Fraud, the title made Kidd think of graffiti.

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