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Oct 022012

Video about star sign compatibility table:

Those whose personal planets are activated by the degree of the eclipse will most feel its effects on a personal level. This lunation is a Partial Solar Eclipse. See all Eclipse charts.

Star sign compatibility table

This eclipse is about new beginnings regarding all of these matters. For some of us, circumstances are such that we need to pay more attention to these matters.

Star sign compatibility table

Star sign compatibility table

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  1. With the potent Capricorn energy of the Solar Eclipse, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives that will benefit us well beyond this Moon cycle.

  2. Ambitions are strong, but so are pressures to perform, and perhaps a bit of paranoia, as well.

  3. In the Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn, public life, career, reputation, achievement, and accountability are a strong focus. This eclipse is about new beginnings regarding all of these matters.

  4. Capricorn teaches us that recognizing our limitations actually frees us to focus on what matters, where we are, who we are, and where we want to go. Not everyone will feel the effect of the eclipse with the same intensity.

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