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Oct 022012

Video about sisterhood of widows:

In college I was diagnosed and treated for cancer. Looking back I realize how easy it was to get excited or feel let down by others.

Sisterhood of widows

Widows who reached the five-year mark were considered veteran widows. Here is something Sue wrote in her seventh year of widowhood:

Sisterhood of widows

Sisterhood of widows

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  1. The Sisterhood of Widows By Mary Francis This book is a collection of true stories from widows of all walks of life who reflect and comment about life after the death of their husbands.

  2. She shared how sitting alone in waiting rooms magnified her fear and isolation. We act like we are happy when we feel nothing but pain and sadness.

  3. Though in remembrance we may update a social media status on an anniversary now and then, we bereaved will never share with the commonwealth what we would have shared with our spouses, or what we will admit to our fellow widows.

  4. Another part of me realizes that a future that matures from and improves upon past happiness is not guaranteed. We confess our surprise if ever we feel even a little real joy.

  5. I see it as living between a rock and a hard place. Learning to live for yourself takes practice.

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