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Oct 022012

Video about serial monogamous relationship:

The serial monogamist is more likely to get into a relationship and sabotage their self-identity within the relationship in order to appease the other person and overall relationship. You could say that serial monogamists are also the type to be more affected by love — they love deeper when they fall in love, and they get hurt deeper when they get rejected or burned by love.

Serial monogamous relationship

A range of 1. They leave no time for self-evaluation and potentially keep repeating their mistakes, as they continue to get into the same type of relationships with the same type of people. For so many people who are always single, they may have a hard time opening themselves up to a relationship.

Serial monogamous relationship

Serial monogamous relationship

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  1. Article 16 of the Convention requires nations to give women and men equal rights in marriage. Their natural instinct is to be with someone and build a partnership.

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