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Oct 022012

Video about salsa dancing cape cod:

Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Kimberlee and Doug's first date, coincidentally, was swing dancing. They find the best way to connect with students for optimum retention of technique and style.

Salsa dancing cape cod

The Samba music has a joyful contagious rhythm and can be found in many top 40 songs including Sia, Ed Sheehan and Jennifer Lopez. Registration is required and you can reserve your space online at the Cultural Center's website by clicking here , or call direct at

Salsa dancing cape cod

Salsa dancing cape cod

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  1. Their love of dance shows through in their instruction, as well as their relationship. Approximately 1, people are diagnosed with cancer on Cape Cod each year.

  2. Doug and Kimberlee McHugh have competed in this event for the last two years and can teach you too. We offer gift certificates for both group classes and private lessons and we accept all major credit cards.

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