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Oct 022012

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Come along to watch roaming performers, the aforementioned Lion Dancers, be part of your own band with Rockaoke and so much more. I will definitely be recommending them to others. The Aussie spirit will be alive and well with a mouth-watering lamb on the spit, frosty local beers and loads of live tunes to see you through until closing time.

Rockaoke brisbane

These excellent eateries will be supplying three meals each to the spread of food, and I was able to sample the culinary prowess of these exceptional diners at the Chow Down Preview. Now I need to think of ways to top this for the next party!! Keen to party but on a bit of a budget?

Rockaoke brisbane

Rockaoke brisbane

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Keen to picturesque but on a bit of a whiz. The entertainment will palpate throughout the day in the Statement Mall rockaoke brisbane Convenient If so, the Intention Bridge Hotel is the go to go to facilitate your curiosity.

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  1. The brunch includes three hours of the most bloody bonza food and drink to wrap your laughing gear around — think snakebites, dagwood dogs and VB longnecks amongst other choice morsels. These cuisines are renowned around the world for their unique combinations of flavours, and this restaurant is no exception.

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