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Oct 022012

Video about oroville dam live stream:

This is particularly true for any dam or dike designed to retain water. Each location may present a distinct problem, and modifications may be required as the work progresses.

Oroville dam live stream

Rock foundations must be cleaned to permit bonding with the materials to be placed. Slurry concrete is used to fill clean cracks and crevices in rock.

Oroville dam live stream

Oroville dam live stream

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  1. Most discrepancies between design and field construction occur in this portion of the work.

  2. Rock, such as shale, that can break down when exposed should be left covered or protected from the elements until just before being covered with earthfill, concrete, or other construction materials. Grouting is often required to fill subsurface voids in the foundation.

  3. Rock foundations must be cleaned to permit bonding with the materials to be placed. The performance of the completed structure is often reflected in the thoroughness with which procedures for preparing rock foundations are undertaken.

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