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Oct 022012

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I get that, however the release of urine during orgasm can be very exciting, both psychologically and physically. And the experience of being with a woman who squirts is very arousing, which may explain why men want women to squirt so much.

Orgams pic

And a lot of women do indeed say it goes along with an intensified experience of orgasm. Carrellas says that she wanted to explore alternative ways of being sexual. The researchers used ultrasound techniques to establish whether or not their bladders were full before and after orgasm.

Orgams pic

Orgams pic

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  1. Kim believes cervical orgasms are hugely powerful, and writes in Cosmopolitan: It's because it's a little hard to get to.

  2. It can be a peak sexual experience to see your female partner squirming in the grip of a powerful, very wet orgasm.

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