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Oct 022012

Video about ocd and jealousy:

Some other important factors that can cause this kind of OCD are a very rigid upbringing, as well as a lack of affection and positive reinforcement. Valentine's Day coverage Others whose ROCD manifests itself in relationship insecurities may constantly set up "tests" for their partner to determine compatibility. What is behind Obsessive Jealousy?

Ocd and jealousy

They themselves know it's irrational. The obsessive thoughts usually take up more and more space in the relationship, oftentimes causing a break-up. In therapy it is important to work on personal activation in order to cut off the total devotion to their partner.

Ocd and jealousy

Ocd and jealousy

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  1. This is why we involve both the unconscious and the more rational conscious part of the psyche and work on creating awareness about the blocked needs and desires.

  2. The person confuses their needs and wishes and they start to overlap each other, independently from their motivation.

  3. Why does this happen? The biggest problem with ROCD is that it can destroy relationships or push the other person away.

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