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Oct 022012

Video about nipple piercing pain female:

Nipple piercings tend to close faster than most piercings, which means you only have a few minutes to leave them jewelry-free before the holes start slowly shrinking. Sometimes the only solution is to remove the jewelry altogether, which is a real bummer since you just went through the entire piercing process.

Nipple piercing pain female

Read on at your discretion! The jewelry may need to be changed in cases where the body is rejecting the metal, but it should usually not be removed completely. Treating a nipple piercing infection If home treatment for an infected nipple piercing is unsuccessful then a doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

Nipple piercing pain female

Nipple piercing pain female

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  1. They also suggest either removing the jewelry six months into the pregnancy for sensitivity issues, or replacing the standard bar with a longer one or even just a retainer.

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