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Oct 022012

Video about mercury sextile ascendant:

Your mind is especially alert and you could be particularly busy running errands, taking short trips, networking, negotiating, or corresponding. Boots on the ground.

Mercury sextile ascendant

Any projects or activities that require you to work together as a team are good for you as a couple -- they help you develop your relationship at the same time as acting as motivation to action. Your thoughts could be all over the place, and it can be hard to concentrate on any one particular task. You can have flashes of insight, but tend to be scatterbrained.

Mercury sextile ascendant

Mercury sextile ascendant

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  1. Avoid the tendency to read between the lines with a negative slant, as it is bound to only stir up trouble.

  2. Filling silence with words. Mercury opposition Sun You find it hard to clearly express yourself during this transit.

  3. What you say or write could be misinterpreted, or you could find it hard to verbalize what it is you want.

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