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Oct 022012

Video about maven dependency exclude:

Similarly, you can get whole transitive dependencies information using this command. If they are not present there, then Maven will download them from a remote repository and store them in the local repository. You are allowed to manually install the dependencies as well.

Maven dependency exclude

This mechanism can sometimes give you dependencies that you don't want, so you use the exclusion rule to prevent Maven from including specific transitive dependencies. When you run a build or execute a maven goal, these dependencies are resolved, and are then loaded from the local repository.

Maven dependency exclude

Maven dependency exclude

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  1. If there are multiple versions at the same depth of the tree, the resolution is arbitrary: It may cause version mismatch issue in runtime.

  2. As you work your way through the graph of dependencies, you may find multiple dependencies for the same artifact with differing versions. The dependencies are gathered in the pom.

  3. Similarly, you can get whole transitive dependencies information using this command. By adding an exclusion to the relevant Spring dependencies, you prevent this from happening.

  4. This is a case where the application author ie, you needs to step in and ensure that all of the dependencies play nicely. Unfortunately, you probably won't be able to convince dependency authors to do this and in many cases it's not the correct approach , so you add exclusions where needed.

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