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Oct 022012

Video about married to a hoarder:

Getting a Hoarder to Treatment. Before giving up on your partner and state of affairs, try to work together to overcome this condition and its trials. I hope this is helpful.

Married to a hoarder

It is necessary to be patient and gentle with the individual for the best results. Create these guidelines up front instead of making a separate decision about each possession. Instead, clean up with your partner, and always make sure they are involved.

Married to a hoarder

Married to a hoarder

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  1. Hoarding is commonly associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and requires treatment from a mental health professional.

  2. Instead, get your husband to agree on days and times when he will clean up areas and reduce possessions. Your spouse has a concrete emotional bond to the items and is unable or unwilling to discard anything.

  3. Let your husband make the decisions, and then you can take the actions—such as donating, selling, or discarding the possession.

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