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Oct 022012

Video about lake texoma snakes:

Keck says if the snakes are generally left alone, they'll leave you alone. The fangs of venomous snakes are long and sharp but they break easily. Reptiles are cold-blooded so they must warm themselves in the sun or on rocks.

Lake texoma snakes

I think I've been tagged to it on Facebook a few dozen times already! The inside of its mouth is white and reminded people of cotton, hence the name cottonmouth.

Lake texoma snakes

Lake texoma snakes

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  1. At the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge a program was held focusing on the ecology of venomous snakes here in North Texas. When threatened, it will open its mouth to show its fangs.

  2. Keck says if the snakes are generally left alone, they'll leave you alone. Snakes have skin covered with scales and most lay eggs.

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