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Oct 022012

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The excavations resulted in the discovery of two public buildings, the synagogue which was partially restored by Fr Orfali , and an octagonal church. These labors were directed by Franciscan Virgilio Corbo. Most objects found were made of clay:

Kfar nahum

Made of plaster, they reached a height of 2. We entered the church and were impressed by the beautiful Byzantine period floor mosaic commemorating the event; one of the most famous mosaics in Israel as it directly connects a miracle to a site.

Kfar nahum

Kfar nahum

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  1. Beneath the foundation of this synagogue lies another foundation made of basalt, and Loffreda suggests that this is the foundation of a synagogue from the 1st century, perhaps the one mentioned in the Gospels Loffreda, Here is Yardenit , a relatively new site where many Christian pilgrims come to be baptised in the holy waters of the Jordan.

  2. Loffreda, This structure remained until the middle of the 5th century when the sacra insula was dismantled and replaced with a larger basilica. The work was interrupted by his death in a car accident in which is commemorated by a Latin inscription carved onto one of the synagogue's columns , and was continued by Virgilio Corbo beginning in

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