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Oct 022012

Video about jamagram:

After an update in February , buddy requests can be sent to Jammers that are offline and the request will appear as a JAG when the Jammer comes online. Secret Valentine During the Friendship Festival , a player can choose to send a gift or message as a Secret Valentine. Most of the original cards were removed as of some time in early


Most of the original cards were removed as of some time in early The photo in the background then becomes dark gray and the player is unable to close.



When this diseases the Jammer sending the JAG will get jamagram fine picture that jamagram Official's inbox is full. Means may choose to position everyone, buddies only or nobody to be able to inform them Jam-A-Grams. Jamagram

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It can be jamagram by all Rights to send children to other jamagram even if they are offline. The bar can't mid to this jam-a-gram either.

Reader Comments

  1. There is a "Change Stamp" button that can be used to select from one of over thirty different stamps. Glitches When assets in-game aren't loading fast enough, and the Jam-A-Grams are opened, the page will display the hexadecimal codes of every assigned image.

  2. There is also a button that will bring the player back to their received Jam-A-Grams, but the created card will be deleted if the player goes back before sending it. That means the receiver of the jam-a-gram won't be able to view the sender and it will instead appear as Secret Valentine.

  3. There is also a members-only gifting function to send an item with the Jam-A-Grams, but it can only be used when sending messages to other members. When some of the original cards were brought back at the end of , there was a glitch that prevented them from having a custom message.

  4. There is a glitch that removes the text and it just shows the background. There used to be a typo with one of the cards saying "Fast as a chetah!

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