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Oct 022012

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The three rotational constants A, B, and C, two quartic centrifugal distortion constants, DJ and DJK, and the quadrupole coupling constants aa and bb - cc for the nitrogen nucleus were needed to attain an rms deviation of the fit comparable to the experimental uncertainties. Measurements of isomeric abundances relative to the most stable configuration e.


Thaddeus , in preparation. Yet further support for the assignment is the close agreement within 1. Both molecules are good candidates for astronomical detection, closely related in structure and composition to known astronomical molecules, and they are highly polar, with estimated dipole moments of 3.



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  1. A cyclic isomer where the heavy atoms form a three-membered ring with the H atom attached to the C nucleus is calculated to be only 3. Inserted to the right upper part of each spectrum is the structure of the molecule derived on the assumption of planarity.

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