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Oct 022012

Video about ham radio primer:

The most popular band for mobile operation is known as 2 metres. Hence, this write-up is not intended as an introduction to the hobby in general, but only as an informational piece to those interested in its use as super-effective and long-range 4WD trail communication. To use a radio that works on amateur radio frequencies, you need to take a simple test and get a license.

Ham radio primer

The bulk of the radio and can go under a seat or in the trunk. Most cities of any respectable size have at least one 2-meter repeater.

Ham radio primer

Ham radio primer

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  1. NOAA weather alert - important to keep an eye on the weather when off-road. While this was an isolated incident, it serves as a reminder of how vulnerable our communications infrastructure is.

  2. For example, you can tune one side to a 2 metre repeater and the other side to a 70 centimetre simplex frequency.

  3. A 12V DC "car charger" plug is also recommended as it may be the only means to recharge the battery when the power goes out

  4. These include digital, such as Morse as well as voice or phone. You could talk vehicle-to-vehicle on one radio and listen to a repeater on the other radio.

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