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Oct 022012

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The park is located on rugged land once occupied by the Birripi people. The list of activities below are in order of the journey travelled from Gloucester to Scone.

Gloster nsw

The gold mining remnants on the track include the Criterion Battery a ten head stamper which was hauled by bullocks from Raymond Terrace in the s and the Hidden Treasure Mine entrance which lies beyond a series of old shafts. The moss covered trunks are a spectacular sight in the misty rain. Scenic Drives - 2:

Gloster nsw

Gloster nsw

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  1. Of particular interest are the six mosaics on the wall opposite the Visitor Centre which depict - dairy, steam ie transport , gold mining, Captain Thunderbolt, timber and the beautiful clarity of the rivers and the mountains in the area.

  2. It is also the access point to the Aeroplane Hill walking track and the Careys Peak walking track.

  3. If there has been rain it is possible to see wild orchids and in the morning and evening both wombats and kangaroos are common around the edges of the swamp.

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