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Oct 022012

Frontier natural products wholesale

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The company views its farm, people and processes not as a factory but rather as a living whole system. Herbs are stored in a temperature-controlled room, out of direct light and in whole form, prior to processing. The company is committed to its community and sponsors more than 30 educational events focused on herbal medicine and sustainable living, as well as 35 environmental nonprofit organizations each year.

Frontier natural products wholesale

Recognizing that organic production integrates social, biological and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity, the Pacific Botanicals farm has many interwoven components—from the seeds to the soil, from the climate to the workers. Pacific Botanicals has become a leader in organic medicinal herb production through a passionate and uncompromising dedication to quality.

Frontier natural products wholesale

Frontier natural products wholesale

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  1. This initiative fosters cultivation of native medicinal woodland crops in Appalachia, using third-party verification and organic certification to guarantee forest products most at risk of poaching—such as American ginseng—are grown and harvested in a sustainable and legal manner. Find them on Facebook.

  2. Since , Mountain Rose Herbs has been growing and offering high-quality certified organic herbs, teas and spices.

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