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Oct 022012

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Victory prior the Battle of Trafalgar. Access to the town was via four gates at strategic locations through the fortifications, the Point being outside the town.


When the Garrison moved out in , much of the land and facilities it occupied were acquired by the City Council which, in Old Portsmouth, enabled the fortifications to be accessible to the public and the large area on the seaward side of Broad Street formerly the site of Point Barracks to be opened up. Old Portsmouth is now a largely residential area, the commerce and industry gradually moving to other parts of the City as they developed and required more space. In the 19th century advances in ordnance with the introduction of rifled guns improved their range and accuracy and resulted in the Old Portsmouth defences becoming inadequate.



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  1. Although the earliest of these windows are little more than fifty years old, they are the most important feature in creating the colourful and welcoming atmosphere of this part of the Church and are well worth a closer inspection for the stories they tell.

  2. Colliers for the power station docked in a dry dock which now contains the linkspan for the Isle of Wight car ferries, and the coal was transported into the power station by overhead conveyors spanning across Gunwharf Road. Although the Tower is not generally open to the public, the adjacent steps lead to a good viewpoint at the top of the Tower.

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