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Oct 022012

Video about foods that make your vagina smell:

Just make sure not to over do the green tea as it can lead to liver complications. Some of these are delicious, so please, do not avoid them so your vag tastes better.

Foods that make your vagina smell

But just a little tweak off is usually caused by something you ate or drank. Subscribe to our daily Newsletter. For many women though, the smell is the only symptom.

Foods that make your vagina smell

Foods that make your vagina smell

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Safe, regular vaginal femininity practices can reduce modish odor. He did we perceive to include?.

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  1. Taking sufficient amounts of fiber helps foster good bacteria in your bowel. Subscribe to our daily Newsletter.

  2. Foods That Cause Vaginal Odor Lillian Downey Coffee, onion, garlic — as well as excessive meat, dairy and alcohol consumption — can potentially give you an unpleasant vaginal odor. This includes your ability to get aroused, your ability to orgasm and sexual satisfaction.

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