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Oct 022012

Video about ff7 mime materia:

Causes physical damage to all targets on one side of the battle screen. Attacks four enemies in succession. Increases Vitality and Magic def.

Ff7 mime materia

Double Cut Has the following abilities: Attacks four enemies in succession. Materias that deal damage to enemies.

Ff7 mime materia

Ff7 mime materia

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Quadra Secondary Materia Cave Can be deemed with: Behaviors coins at a comprehensible target for having.
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  1. Even though you cast the spell once, it will be reflected and returned to the enemy hitting for three times! Replaces Slash All on command list when matured.

  2. Slash-All Has the following abilities: Sometimes that misses so you might want to use other healing items like X-Potion, High Potion or Potion.

  3. Takes the place of 2x Cut on command list when matured. Throws an item from inventory at a single target for damage.

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