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Oct 022012

Video about female nasturbation:

The perineum is a highly sensitive part of the female anatomy that often goes overlooked. Move one finger in small circles around the perineum.

Female nasturbation

Try circles, long strokes, pulses and vibrations around the g-spot and see what feels best. Touch the entire outside labia, gliding one or two fingers along the length.

Female nasturbation

Female nasturbation

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  1. You can also explore with the wide range of sex toys that are available. Many of these techniques are demonstrated in our Foreplay Mastery Course , and can be used either with a partner or as female masturbation techniques.

  2. If you can reach, use your own fingers to explore your g-spot and try a range of stimulation techniques to see how much sensation you can feel inside. Move one finger in small circles around the perineum.

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