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Oct 022012

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Jill will not go up the hill without Jack. In animals, a common mutualistic symbiosis occurs between many herbivores and microorganisms of their digestive tracts. For example, to table a bill means "to put it up for debate" in British English , while it means "to remove it from debate" in American English where British English would have "shelve".

Exclusive antonym

Jill going up the hill is necessary for Jack to go up the hill Jack going up the hill and Jill going up the hill are mutually necessary. The word's roots mean simply "standing out from the rest of the group", a concept that can apply either "in a good way" or "in a bad way". Other cues nail down the aspects of subject versus object.

Exclusive antonym

Exclusive antonym

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  1. These are not usually classed as contronyms, but they share the theme of containing opposing meanings. This makes sense because anytime lending is occurring, borrowing is simultaneously occurring; one cannot happen without the other.

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