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Oct 022012

Video about deflowering women:

Feminist activist Safad Abdul Aziz tells Raseef22 "Fasliya marriage is common in rural areas because the tribal system prevails there. Be sweet with words and tell her how the uchungu will only last for a short time but finish the job. In Jordan, for example, between 17 and 25 honor killings are committed every year.

Deflowering women

A "midwife" may also be brought in to help. Female migration and urban employment are rising, triggered by Cambodia s transition from a closed socialist system to an open market economy. This practice, which was widely acceptable decades ago, is slowly on its way out, but it remains commonplace in some quarters of the Arab world.

Deflowering women

Deflowering women

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  1. Whether I went ahead and deflowered her is a story for another day. A "midwife" may also be brought in to help.

  2. That way it will be easier to finish the job quickly. The author shows instead how these women shape and influence the processes of change taking place in present-day Cambodia.

  3. Recently, 50 girls were offered as tributes in villages north of Al-Basra province in Southern Iraq, after clashes between two tribes erupted there.

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