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Oct 022012

Video about define platonic relationship:

Unlike in a romantic relationship, there is no fear that the person will leave you because they were never with you in the first place. Storge is the type of love that is found between parents and children, and this is often a unilateral love.

Define platonic relationship

Yeah, of course, looks play a part. Pregnancy of the body results in human children.

Define platonic relationship

Define platonic relationship

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  1. Platonic love requires a lot of trust. And you know what, it doesn't matter how independent a woman is--when her boyfriend messes up, she needs someone to talk to.

  2. She may or may not find him attractive, but it doesn't matter. Because of his sincerity, she's comfortable enough to share her secrets with him.

  3. Some modern authors perception of the terms "virtue" and "good" as they are translated into English from the Symposium are a good indicator of this misunderstanding. It is rooted in genuine honesty, and the ability to be yourself around that person without fear of censure, or abandonment.

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