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Oct 022012

Video about clitorus stimulation:

Well, just imagine how would you feel if he draws a variety of different shapes other that just a circle! Here, Hall gives you a lesson: Just above or on top of the glans is the clitoral hood, which is formed by the two sides of the connecting labia minora 5.

Clitorus stimulation

Taking your hood between your index and middle finger and sliding it up and down is one way to get some major enjoyment from your hood. In addition to fingering her, she says to:

Clitorus stimulation

Clitorus stimulation

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  1. You're Already A Clit Expert When you were in high school and having sex for the first time, you might remember watching movies, sitcoms or even porn videos where a woman went crazy as her man touched her.

  2. The clitoral body projects upwards into your pelvis, and attaches via ligaments to your pubic bone.

  3. Some women squirt because the fluid coming from the glands go through small openings and some women have smaller openings more fluid and more pressure causing a squirt rather than a drip or a sudden gush. Singer says that clitoral stimulation is what women remember after they have sex and how they determine if their partner is good in bed or a disappointment.

  4. Read on to learn what the hood is all about, how it affects sexual pleasure, tips for stimulation, and more.

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