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Oct 022012

Video about can a sagittarius and gemini work:

She's a dreamer and an ideas person, while Sagittarius likes to implement and build. They will literally share happiness with one another and with those around them.

Can a sagittarius and gemini work

They will never bore each other in this relationship and not a moment that they spend together will ever be uninteresting or mundane. Both signs collect information. For Gemini, the adventure is more of a mental one, but these very similar outlooks on life ensure that this couple will be firm friends and mutually understanding lovers.

Can a sagittarius and gemini work

Can a sagittarius and gemini work

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  1. Natural Intuition Gemini and Sagittarius want to feel intellectually satisfied. Of course, true love can be sustained during periods of poor finances, but for this couple, the love affair is based almost entirely on their shared love of freedom.

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