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Oct 022012

Video about blue mountains ecards:

Helpful 37 people found this review helpful regina of Haymarket, VA Original review: I finally succeeded in reaching someone through their customer support to cancel my "subscription," but not before they had charged an additional 3 months' worth of fees to my credit card.

Blue mountains ecards

They then start automatically charging you a monthly membership and billing your credit card. Blue Mountain's Customer Support sent me an email refusing to refund, telling me that I remain a member through April !

Blue mountains ecards

Blue mountains ecards

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Reader Comments

  1. It's been over two weeks with no response. Contacted company by phone that day and of course you can't speak to a person.

  2. Blue Mountain obviously chooses to engage in blatantly fraudulent and dishonest business practices.

  3. This is NOT a reputable company and I strongly urge anyone not to join this online card company!

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