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Oct 022012

Video about best 90s acoustic songs:

Some cover bands will include "Lightning Crashes" and "All Over You" in their master set list, too, as they can also go over well at a club or bar gig. A new era of alternative and "grunge" music was born in with this song aided by significant MTV airplay and made Kurt Cobain and Nirvana household names.

Best 90s acoustic songs

The idea to use a slide came from producer Ted Templeman, and while Eddie was initially leery of trying it, he practiced for a few days and, in typical VH style, pulled off the part with aplomb. Working as something of a one-man band in his basement, Scholz, one of music's first DIY dudes, played all the guitar parts on "Feeling.

Best 90s acoustic songs

Best 90s acoustic songs

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  1. It's the same four chords throughout the entire song, save for a brief whole-step modulation. It became a staple for the band at their live shows, and for rock cover bands.

  2. A new era of alternative and "grunge" music was born in with this song aided by significant MTV airplay and made Kurt Cobain and Nirvana household names. The song was a huge hit for the band, and is probably the most popular song by STP that cover bands perform.

  3. So it came as a surprise when Thunders, on his debut solo album, issued this poetic acoustic ballad.

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