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Oct 022012

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Those crossing the bridge were charged a toll. The bridge collapsed in the flood, and a new wooden bridge opened in As a consequence, a number of trucks became stuck under the railway bridge, and the causeway also required frequent closure due to river flooding.

Barwon geelong

Little changed to the breakwater until it was rebuilt by the Country Roads Board for modern traffic in the mid s. The Barwon River Bridge is the third structure erected at this historic crossing place and has since provided an important link with Geelong and the Western District.

Barwon geelong

Barwon geelong

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  1. From December that year a government punt operated at the site. A bridge was first proposed for the site in the s as a second Barwon crossing in Geelong.

  2. In July , the Government of Victoria shelved plans to replace the heritage-listed [36] bridge with a new one, [37] with plans put forward for an upgraded to be carried out instead. Of reinforced concrete construction, it is a structure of unusual design, and listed on the Victorian National Estate Register.

  3. Construction on the weir started in late under Captain Foster Fyans and was completed by May Constructed in to carry sewage from Geelong to the ocean outfall at Black Rock , [21] the bridge provided relief for the sewer aqueduct further downstream.

  4. It was designed by Jan van der Molen , and was one of the first in Australia to use computer engineering in the design process. A timber trestle railway bridge was built over the top in when the Geelong railway line was extended to Winchelsea.

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