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Oct 022012

Video about are oleander bushes poisonous:

Oleander leaves and branches is deemed extremely dangerous, with the poison known to affect the heart, produce severe digestive upset, and to have caused death. Oleander is an idiom for plants of the N. Similar is this cite from an book which itself references a publication:

Are oleander bushes poisonous

It is also quite poisonous, with the ingestion of as little as a single leaf reportedly being enough to kill a child. The oleander is a shrub that grows to a height of 6 to 12 feet. Nerium oleander is planted in many subtropical and tropical areas of the world.

Are oleander bushes poisonous

Are oleander bushes poisonous

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  1. Leaves are in pairs of three or whorled, very green, leathery, narrowly elliptic to linear entire.

  2. During the winter they should be moved indoors, ideally into an unheated greenhouse or basement where they can be allowed to go dormant.

  3. In art and culture[ edit ] Oleanders by Vincent van Gogh Janet Fitch 's novel White Oleander is centered around a young Southern California girl's experiences growing up in foster care after her mother is imprisoned for poisoning an ex-boyfriend with the plant. In Los Angeles in , a woman suspected of administering a lethal mixture of antifreeze and oleander to her husband was charged with murder.

  4. Ornamental gardening[ edit ] Oleander is a vigorous grower in warm subtropical regions, where it is extensively used as an ornamental plant in parks, along roadsides and in private gardens.

  5. Laboratory analysis of the cookies revealed large amounts of oleandrin, one of the toxins found in the oleander plant.

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